Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ella Mint design showcase!!

Well, my dear readers, Annie & I are so excited to announce a major event and breakthrough for Ella Mint!! As of Tuesday the girls of Ella Mint are designing and entire 1-bedroom loft apartment in downtown Lexington for the "Naturally Chic" design showcase that's being sponsored by Lorillard Lofts and Capacity Inc.

Capacity Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives to empower underprivileged women by generating an income for them and outfitting them with a career. There are so many homeless women and children that we are sadly unaware of, so it's wonderful when a charity steps up and hosts an amazing event to benefit those less fortunate. And, Ella Mint is so excited to take part!! Using our design skills for a good cause...which is exactly what we as a company want to do. God blessed us with great talents, so we should strive to be selfless and use those talents to love and benefit other people. Yay!!

So anyway, Ella Mint has been given the Dream Girls: Retro Mix design theme, so Annie and I are working together to assemble an amazing design scheme that's eco-friendly (yay for repurposed furniture & accessories--what we do best, right?!) that gives off a retro/eclectic vibe while maintaining simplicity and elegance. We have a million and one ideas reeling through our heads, but the above photograph displays the color palette we've nailed down. A spin on dreamy sherbert hues: airy blue, citrus yellow, peach/mango/clementine, and a creamy "whipped" white. Unexpected retro at its best.

Well...we can't wait to throw updates your way--there are sure to be many!! We get to meet the lovely chairwoman next week to see the loft and discuss further details. But, for now...mark your calendars!! There are 7 or 8 other designers I believe (Ethan Allen being one of them) transforming these lofts for an amazing reveal October 24 and 25th!! Tickets are $10 a person and proceeds will go towards Capacity Inc's amazing cause. We hope you will come see Ella Mint, and all that we can do!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Simple and different decorating.

At ella mint we strive to be budget-savvy in the area of home decorating, so we're always more than excited to come across thrifty, eye-catching ideas. Found below are a few of our favorites. Enjoy!!

We love the idea of an inventive headboard, and what's more inventive (/economical) than using wallpaper? We can vividly imagine lots of fun prints as a boudoir backsplash.

And to hang colorful scarves from a plain jane coat rack? A brilliant move for your foyer...not to mention your wardrobe.

Fresh flowers can easily drain your wallet. So why not put forlorn twigs and leaves to good use? Talk about thrifty...and unique. We love the unusual statement this makes.

Tight budget? Sometimes all you really need is one bold statement in a this case...simply the bedding. What a difference this pop of color makes. When you go this route you can leave every other detail muted...and therefore inexpensive. And how cool is that rustic door/mirror in the background?

Have an abundance of dinnerware that you've inherited? Well, it no longer has to hibernate in your cupboard. Design a simple wall display! The room featured above would be quite lacking without this unique art piece above the headboard. Don't have any plates? Scour a collectibles store or flea can score them for next to nothing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

To be inspired.

*photos via flickr.

So I'm sitting here ironing out some ella mint details and thought I'd share an inspiring source with you....a compilation of some of my favorite photographs. They simply make me happy. My mind is teeming with infinite design ideas at the moment...all because of this lovely collage that's full of color and splendor. Can't wait to get started on the next design projects!!

Also...for those who are curious...the launching of ella mint went quite well this weekend. We are so very to excited to say we acquired a few clients who are just as enomored with our taste in design as we are. It's so cool to see our furniture find a loving home--and to personally witness how good it looks in the space! Last night Annie and I dropped off several purchased pieces to a client and helped her arrange them in her space. So fun...and rewarding. Yay!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

In our ella mint.

So, Annie and I are amidst a most exciting we're officially launching ella mint! We're featuring our home furnishing goodies at An Antique Affair in Lexington, I thought I'd post a few images of our very first day as entrepreneurs. We'll be manning our booth the rest of the weekend...hoping, just hoping to have some fellow treasure seekers fall in love with our dearest ella mint.

Have such a blissful weekend!

This is simply an edited post of our offerings, but, if you just happen to stumble upon a pic of a piece of furniture of ours that you like...feel free to email us at for pricing!

A happy image...

For a most happy weekend. Enjoy!!